Speakers – The North American Bitcoin Conference – BTC Miami

past speakers

TNABC speakers are the best and brightest from the world of innovation.
They are the innovators, thought leaders and decision makers that ignite discussion and illuminate tomorrow’s financial landscape; they are your shortcut to the future. Apply as speaker

Dr. Patrick Byrne

CEO at Overstock.com & Founder, tØ.com

Emma Channing

CEO and General Counsel, Satis Group

Halsey Minor

Founder/Co-Founder CNET, Salesforce.com, Uphold, Live Planet CEO VideoCoin

Craig Sellars

Co-founder & Advisor, Tether

Brock Pierce

Chairman, Bitcoin Foundation

Veronica McGregor

Chief Legal Officer, ShapeShift

Matt Spoke

CEO & Co-Founder of Nuco & Founder, AION

Ryan Taylor

CEO, Dash Core

Dr. Moe Levin

Founder, Keynote

Kyle Lu

Partner & VP, Achain

Charlie Shrem

Bitcoin Pioneer

Stacy Herbert

Co-presenter, Keiser Report

Jeff Berwick

Editor-in-Chief & Host, The Dollar Vigilante and Anarchast

Peter Smyrniotis

Director, Victory Square Technologies

Adam Perlow

CEO, Zen Protocol

Joel Dietz

Co-founder, Swarm.fund

Jack Lu

Founder, Wanchain


CEO & Co-founder, RSK Labs

Harry Yeh

Managing Director, Binary Financial

Jeffrey Tucker

Editorial Director, American Institute for Economic Research

Bruce Fenton

Founder & CEO, Chainstone Labs

Jim Blasko

bCommerce Labs, Chief Cryptographer

Jeremy Gardner

General Partner, Ausum Ventures & Founder, Augur & Blockchain Education Network

Matthew Roszak

Chairman and Co-Founder at Bloq

Malcolm CasSelle

President, WAX

Reeve Collins

Co-Founder and CEO, BLOCKv

Andrew Archer

Founder & CEO, Aitheon

Dr. Gov van Ek

Co-founder & Director, Bitcar

Yazan Barghuthi

Project Lead, Jibrel Network

Sean Walsh

Partner at Redwood City Ventures & CEO, Hyperblock Technologies

Joel A. Bosh

Founder, Developer, Project Manager, I/O Digital

Jason King

Co-founder, Kingsland University

Adam Leonard


Trevor Koverko

CEO, Polymath

Dr. Scott McPherson

Co-Founder & Board Member, ARK


CEO & Founder, Dmarket.io


СEO & Founder, DreamTeam.gg

Marco Peereboom

New Systems Development Lead, Decred

Sean Clark

Co-Founder & CEO, Hut 8 Mining Corp.

Marco Santori

Partner at Cooley LLP

Gabriel Abed

Founder, Bitt

Steven Sprague

CEO, Rivetz

Justin Newton

CEO of Netki

Matthew E. Kohen

Co-chair, Carlton Fields’ Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency Practice

Paul Puey

CEO & Founder, Edge

Valerian Bennett

Founder & CEO, PopChest Inc.

Marshall Long

Co-Founder, EBOOST

Riccardo Spagni

Head of Investor Relations, Monero Enterprise Alliance


Co-founder & CEO, Telcoin

Xavier Hawk

CEO, Permacredits

Carlos Domingo

Founder, SPiCE VC & Securitize

Colin Andrews

Founder & CEO of LearnCryptoFAST.com

Brian Klein

Partner, Baker Marquart

Joseph Wang

Founder & CEO. CryptoHWwallet.com