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Sean Walsh

Partner, Redwood City Ventures & CEO, HyberBlock, Inc.

Sean Walsh

Partner, Redwood City Ventures & CEO, HyberBlock, Inc.


Mr. Walsh is the founding partner of Redwood City Ventures, a Silicon Valley investment firm targeting the Bitcoin, crypto-asset, and other blockchain ecosystems.

RWCV’s portfolio companies include the largest Blockchain Security Datacenter in North America, which currently serves Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Zcash, and Litecoin.

Mr. Walsh is the CEO of HyperBlock Technologies Corporation in Toronto. Hyperblock is one of the largest crypto-asset companies in North America ( and is expected to go public in early Q3 2018. Mr. Walsh is also the founder of Redwood City Ventures, a Silicon Valley investment firm targeting the Bitcoin and crypto-asset ecosystems.

HyperBlock’s business includes large-scale, crypto Mining-as-a-Service, as well as numerous direct-to-consumer products aimed at increasing mainstream crypto knowledge and usage. HyperBlock recently purchased one of its competitors, CryptoGlobal, for CAD $106 million.

RWCV’s portfolio companies include the largest Blockchain Security Datacenter in North America. Starting with Bitcoin mining exclusively, it now provides blockchain security, aka mining, and custom servers for a variety of networks. These include Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, and Litecoin.

Redwood City Ventures seeks to accelerate global Bitcoin and crypto-asset adoption and mainstream usage by funding and advising companies across the industry.

In 2015, Walsh left the award-winning private equity firm Bertram Capital to focus solely on Bitcoin. At Bertram, Walsh was responsible for Product Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Product Design, Ecommerce, Online Marketing, and Mobile Applications across the dozen companies in Bertram’s $1+ Billion portfolio. He co-founded the Bertram Labs incubator which was recognized for disrupting the trillion-dollar private equity middle market.

Walsh has devoted more than 15 years of his career to launching and growing online and mobile products and businesses. In this time, he has created many $100s of Millions in enterprise value, and been awarded numerous software patents. His larger ventures include a $125 Million P&L he ran for Bank of America / Countrywide, and executive roles at two divisions of Sony Corp. Other ventures were funded and bootstrapped startups in the enterprise software, telecommunications, travel, and social networking markets.

An Aerospace Engineering graduate, Walsh helped design two commercial satellite networks (DirecTV, Iridium Sat Phone), and several NASA research missions.