Agenda – The North American Bitcoin Conference – BTC Miami


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See below for the schedule of speakers and networking. Subject to changes. Full agenda at the bottom of the page.
Day 1
16 Jan 2019
Day 2
17 Jan 2019
Day 3
18 Jan 2019


January 16th, come network with with CEOs, Execs and the hottest upcoming ICOs at the Clevelander South Beach Hotel and Bar.


Moe Levin

An Alternative to Bitcoin-like Blockchain Architectures, Validation without per-Transaction Private Key Signatures

Widely recognized as the inventor of digital cash, David is also known for other fundamental innovations in cryptography, including privacy and secure election technology. David is currently leading the Elixxir blockchain project, a private, scalable platform capable of processing a high volume of payments, messages and file transfers. David will discuss Elixxir’s breakthrough mixed network...
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David Chaum

Blockchain Pioneer

Brock Pierce

Fireside Chat

Jon Najarian
Charlie Shrem

Building the bridge between crypto and finance

In a world where traditional financial services haven’t quite caught up to the untapped potential of blockchain-based currencies, SALT is working every day to build a bridge of access and utility between the two. Hear SALT co-founder Caleb Slade talk about the ideas that inspired his organization, what makes the SALT Blockchain-Backed Loan™ different, and...
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Caleb Slade

Applications of Blockchain Time-Stamping

The Decred Project has developed an open source time-ordered file system, called Politeia, and it can be repurposed to create unforgettable timestamps in corporate and government contexts.
Jake Yocom-Piatt

Tokenized Assets & The Demand for New Financial Advice

Cryptoassets have become increasingly popular among retail investors over the past two years, yet one key barrier still prevents the majority of online investors from exploring the asset class: a lack of education. Research has shown that retail investors are hungry for educational materials and professional financial advice when it comes to tokenized assets, but...
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Guy Hirsch


Frank Fu

An Anchor for the Coming Storm

Anchor is the answer to the problem that is stability in the crypto world. A novel approach that will bring about a revolution in global finance.
Andrew Sarega

Equipping the modern blockchain subscriber

Blockchain is introducing a whole new model for the user to be in control. A model where the user has identity with consent, Micropayments on demand and transactions with policy. This presentation will explore how every mobile device will have a built-in secure blockchain wallet and how technologies such as Dual Roots of Trust will...
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Steven Sprague

KYC in 2019 and Beyond

With the growth of the blockchain ecosystem and the increased attention by regulators, a growing number of participants in the ecosystem have an ever increasing set of compliance requirements. What do you need to know and what are the most effective ways to stay safe.
Justin Newton

Investing in Security tokens

Steven Nerayoff
Eric Gravengaard
Andrew Hinkes

FIRESIDE CHAT: Retail brokers are coming to crypto, are you ready?

Join Tanaya Macheel from Cheddar as she hosts a fireside chat with John Bartleman & James Putra from TradeStation Crypto. They will discuss how market access could rapidly evolve as retail brokers enter the space in 2019.
John Bartleman
Tanaya Macheel
James Putra


Mate Tokay

Token Pitch

Token Pitch is an opportunity for all of our ICO exhibitors to present their company in our main speaking hall to our investors and attendees. Bradley Kam- Unstoppable Domains
Bradley Kam

Planet Digital Partners brings blockchain to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mobile games

Planet represents an all-star team of video game industry leaders including the former President of PlayStation Europe, the founder of Take 2/Rockstar Games, the CEO of Guitar Hero, developers of Halo, NBA Playgrounds, Friday the 13th, Quake and World War Z. Several big game brands are included in the Private Placement Offering including Bass Pro...
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Token Pitch

Token pitch is an opportunity for all of our ICO exhibitors to present their company in our main speaking hall to our investors and attendees.  
Francesco Nazari Fusetti
John Harris

OB1 and OpenBazaar: Safe Haven for Free Trade

OpenBazaar enabled private and free trade using crypto for the world. Now find out how OB1 is creating a safe haven for free trade on your mobile device.
Brian Hoffman


Jacob Farber
Maja Vujinovic
Veronica McGregor
Moe Levin

The 0xcert Framework – How to tackle complexity of developing decentralized apps for smoother and faster business solutions

Currently, developers of decentralized apps are struggling with complexity of blockchain solutions, lack of conventions, long development time, and big security risks, which lowers the efficiency of the businesses in need of a dapp and thier adoption speed. Is there a way to overcome these issues and greatly enhance the adoption of the decentralized tech...
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Kristijan Sedlak

Fireside Chat

Kevin Connolly
Erik Sords
Jason King

Networking Evening

Join us at The Wharf for the Satoshi Decade networking event with the most influential group of crypto pioneers, industry leaders, executives and governments. Looking over the beautiful Miami River, The Wharf is an iconic destination, and just a 10 minute walk from The North American Bitcoin Conference.

The Silk Road case: How it impacts you

Lyn Ulbricht will address why the case of her son and founder of Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, impacts us all, especially those in the cryptocurrency space. She will also relay a message from Ross.
Lyn Ulbricht

Isegoria: Decentralizing News and Entertainment

Emmy-winning investigative journalist Ben Swann discusses how he plans to disrupt mainstream media and transform how it is funded, consumed and broadcast, putting the power back to the viewer.
Ben Swann

The Blockchain is Alive

The blockchain is us. Decentralized. And it is alive. As we learn to govern ourselves and the systems we create, we embark upon a new experiment in community and society. Immutable ledgers provide support for untold innovations that we all get to share. It’s a machine that you can’t turn off – so what should...
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Craig Sellars


tZERO’s blockchain technologies aim to revolutionize the market and improve the implicit inefficiencies of Wall Street so that financial processes are less obligated to traditional, institutional market structures.
Dr. Patrick Byrne


With FUD often leading the thought processes for amateur and even the most expert of investors, this panel will rationally take on trending issues and discuss how the market can deceive and distort the big picture s and how to avoid the pitfalls of FOMO.
James Putra
Marlon E. Yarde
Stephen Schaeffer
Moe Levin
Mate Tokay

The Future Of The Cryptocurrency Exchange: Adapting to a new reality

A unique perspective on the future of cryptocurrency exchanges and the place they have in a rapidly shifting market.
Zayn Kalyan

Tokenization in 2019

From ICO to STO to DSO, all eyes are on tokenization in 2019. In this talk, Swarm Co-Founder and CEO Philipp Pieper reveals the sea change taking place in token issuance, and how it will be brought about by open, decentralized systems, not from banks, VCs, or corporations.
Philipp Pieper


Hartej Sawhney

I/O Digital Foundation From Blockchain to Real World Data, Communications, Privacy & Payments.

The I/O Digital Dev team has been focused throughout the past 4 Years in developing an ecosystem to accelerate adoption of blockchain services in the real world. Through this period the team along with other developers from around the world launched I/O Coin. A cryptocurrency which enables services of Identity storage, encrypted data storage, encrypted...
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Joel Bosh


Token Pitch is an opportunity for all of our ICO exhibitors to present their company in our main speaking hall to our investors and attendees. Michael Mcdevitt- CHETU
Michael McDevitt

Layer Frenzy: The Innovation in Blockchain is one Layer Deep

Real world businesses love blockchain. But in 2017 they asked the question: “how is this actually going to work for us?”. Enter Layer 2 protocols: the infrastructure atop existing blockchains that are driving scalability, functionality and interoperability. Learn about the Layer 2 protocols that are helping the mainstream adopt blockchain on a massive scale.
Shiv Madan

Bitcoin 2.0 – Getting to $1 Trillion

Bitcoin 1.0 was about establishing a new asset class unlike the world has ever seen: decentralized, deflationary and secure.  Bitcoin 2.0 will add scalability, global liquidity and even more security.  In this talk Bill Barhydt shows us what to expect towards the path to Bitcoin reaching $1 Trillion and why Bitcoin is the most sound...
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Bill Barhydt


Caleb Slade
Steve Beauregard
Paul Puey
Moe Levin


Join a special fireside chat with some of the largest ICO influencers and experts in cryptocurrency in a special conversation.
Marshall Long
Charlie Shrem
Moe Levin

Blockchain Fundamentals And the Perfect System

One of the pioneers in the Blockchain space since 2013, Xavier Hawk will explain the fundamentals of Blockchain Securites and Investments, illustrate the key identifiers for successful assets, and explain the perfect Blockchain corporation and its appropriate use of Blockchain securities and trading instruments.
Xavier Hawk

“Cryptos” the TV Show

It’s time to penetrate the mainstream conscious and build trust in blockchain technology and the potential of cryptocurrency.
Erik Sords


Learn the navigational tools for currency initial coin offerings, regulations and strategy for your investment.

Security Token State of the Union 2019

Trillions of dollars are coming to the blockchain. Hear Polymath Co-Founder Trevor Koverko discuss security tokens, global liquidity, regulatory compliance, and Polymath’s role in the security token ecosystem.
Trevor Koverko